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Stihl Pressure Washer Accessories

Stihl Pressure Washer Accessories

Brand: Stihl

Get more out of your Stihl Pressure Washer by purchasing accessories and extending the range of possible applications. There's lots of tools to attach to your machine to make jobs easier and quicker.

All accessories will fit any washer from the current range, unless stated differently and will also fit most of the older models too.

The Wash Brush attaches to the lance and is used for cleaning delicate surfaces. It has a rubber lip for removing excess water.

Get the Long Angled Spray Lance to access difficult locations. Very strong and useful, 1.08m in length.

Extend the length of the lance with the Spray Lance Extension, giving you the extra reach where needed 0.43m.

One of the most popular add-ons is the High Pressure Hose Extension. People often make the mistake of using an electrical extension lead to get the pressure washer closer to the area or item to be washed. A hose extension is far simpler and also avoids the risk of blowing fuses or tripping out the power where the extension lead isn't rated high enough and not up to the job.

You can use 4910 500 0801 7m long textile mesh hose for the RE90 to RE130 Pressure Washers.

Use the steel-reinforced hose 4910 500 0802 for extended life. Suitable for all models, this hose is 9m long.

The RE150 & older model RE143, can use a 20m long steel reinforced hose 4910 500 0803

The Wet Sandblasting Device is an excellent accessory for removing things like paint and rust from metal, brickwork and masonry, it has a 4m long pipe. Use with the SB 90 Blasting Granulate Found Here.

The Pipe Cleaning Set is very popular for clearing and cleaning pipework. The 15m length hose will give you plenty to work with making the job nice and easy.

from £24.50 incl VAT
Stihl Wash Brush
4910 500 6000
£24.50incl VAT
Long Spray Lance Angled
4910 500 1900
£60.00incl VAT
Spray Lance Extension
4910 500 0900
£29.50incl VAT
High Pressure Hose Extension 7m
4910 500 0801
£45.50incl VAT
High Pressure Hose Extension 9m
4910 500 0802
£66.50incl VAT
High Pressure Hose Extension 20m
4910 500 0803
£120.00incl VAT
Wet Sandblasting Device
4910 500 1800
£53.50incl VAT
Pipe Cleaning Set
4910 500 8000
£48.50incl VAT
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