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Stihl Surface Cleaners

Stihl Surface Cleaners

Brand: Stihl

The Stihl RA90 and RA110 surface and patio cleaners are suitable for most Stihl pressure washers including the latest range, RE90 to RE150 Plus.

The RA90's suitable for cleaning medium sized areas using the rotating brush housed inside the Ø255mm cover and the wider RA110, Ø310mm, is best for larger areas.

They're splash free, thanks to the outer bristles and housing design. The bristles also help remove stubborn dirt, but don't be tempted to use it as a scrubbing brush, let the machine do the work.

Water pressure is easily adjusted thanks to the control knob, allowing you to use it on more delicate surfaces. 

The RA90 is suitable for the RE90 to the RE130 Plus Pressure Washers

The RA110 can be used on the RE90 to the RE150 Plus machines.

Watch the video below on the RA110 to give you a better understanding of how it operates or contact us by Clicking Here

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RA90 Cleaner
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RA110 Cleaner
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