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Stihl Cleaning Agents For Pressure Washers

Stihl Cleaning Agents For Pressure Washers

Brand: Stihl

Sonax is a German family-owned company that's been producing vehicle and property cleaning detergents since 1950. Endorsed by Stihl to be used with any of their Pressure Washers.

The CU 100 Universal cleaner in a 1 litre bottle is for the safe removal of dirt and grime from hard surfaces around the house and garden.  Use on painted surfaces, stone, glass, synthetic materials and metal.

The CC 100 Vehicle Shampoo & Wax in a 1 litre container, for safely removing dirt, salt and insects. The high-quality wax ingredient will leave your vehicle paintwork supper shiny and well protected.

The CS 100 Stone & Facade Cleaner in a 5 litre container, is perfect for cleaning hard stone, concrete, wood and tiled surfaces. Watch it easily dissolve tough green growth and grime.

Use the CR 100 Wheel Cleaner 500ml to get your wheels looking good again effortlessly. Suitable for light metal and steel rims.

The Profi CP 200 Universal Cleaner is a powerful detergent designed to remove a huge range of stubborn deposits like grease, oil, and insects. Can be used on all hard surfaces, but not textiles. Now comes in a 10 litre container.

The handy SG 11 Plus 1.5 litre hand sprayer with an adjustable nozzle is great for applying any of the detergents. The pump-up sprayer is designed to give long service thanks to the fitted special protective element.

Blasting Granulate SB 90 25kg is for wet sandblasting of any surface, removing paint and rust and returning the item back to its original state. Use with the Stihl Wet Sandblasting Device 4910 500 1800 for best results.

from £8.15 incl VAT
CU 100 Universal Cleaner 1l
0782 516 9100
£9.50incl VAT
CC 100 Vehicle Shampoo 1l
0782 516 9300
£8.15incl VAT
CS 100 Stone Cleaner 5l
0782 516 9500
£34.00incl VAT
CR 100 Wheel Cleaner 500ml
0782 516 9400
£9.50incl VAT
Profi CP 200 Universal Cleaner 10 l
0782 516 9201
£32.75incl VAT
SB 90 Blasting Granulate 25kg
0797 010 2052
£23.35incl VAT
SG 11 Plus Hand Sprayer 1.5l
4255 019 4912
£18.76incl VAT
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