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Garden Machinery Servicing

Garden Machinery Servicing

With a very popular fixed price service menu*, we can conduct thorough inspections of your garden equipment and make sure that it keeps working. If you would like to bring your lawn mower in for a service or your hedge trimmer in for a sharpen, then give us a call and we can advise you accordingly.

We have a dedicated workshop for garden machinery repairs and servicing, with five factory trained technicians who have well over a hundred years experience between them.

So if your ride-on stops running or your chainsaw is in need of looking over, we are the place to come.

Lawn mower not working?

If your lawnmower isn't working, we can help. If you have feathered grass after cutting your lawn, this might mean that your lawnmower blades need sharpening (or if the blades can't be sharpened or your lawnmower has broken blades then we can replace them for you). Lawnmower blade sharpening services in Wiltshire is one of the ways we help gardeners keep a beautiful lawn. Read tips on how to keep your lawn looking sharp!

How much does is cost to service garden machinery?

Garden machinery servicing prices vary depending on the type of garden machinery you need servicing.

*Please view our garden machinery service prices and our terms

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