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Stihl RMI422 Robotic Lawn Mowers

Stihl RMI422 Robotic Lawn Mowers

Brand: Stihl

The Stihl RMI422 automatic robot lawn mowers are designed for small to medium size lawns measuring up to 1700m2. This super efficient grass cutting machine will only mow during the hours you choose and it'll mulch the grass, returning moisture and nutrients to give you a better lawn.

Imagine not having to mow your lawn ever again, freeing up time to just relax and enjoy the garden.

The Stihl Imow robotic mowers are fully automatic and programmable to only mow when you want them to. Set it to mow weekdays only, so by the weekend the lawn’s nice and tidy. Or, mow at night when nobody’s about. They’re incredibly quiet, so no disturbing the neighbours.

As the mower goes out little and often, the grass never grows long. Instead, the mower mulches the grass, putting the fine clippings back into the lawn. This fertilises and puts goodness and moisture back in, leaving you with a green and healthy lawn. The mowers will detect rainfall and not come out when it’s wet, this’ll prevent unsightly marks and messy cutting. So even if you’re away, you can be sure your lawn will be in great shape.

Stihl have eight models to choose from, so there should be one suitable for any size lawn, but if the area’s too big for the largest mower, it’s possible to add a second mower to work in conjunction with the first.

The 'C' model iMow stands for 'Communication'. This allows you to take control of your mower using a smartphone or tablet. Send your mower out to mow, back to the docking station or re-schedule the mowing plan quickly and easily. There's much more too, including the ability to help trace your mower, should it get stolen.

The 'P' model iMow stands for 'performance'. These iMows have a higher output than the standard models and can mow for longer, which makes them suitable for larger areas.

Our highly trained staff will look after your Imow saving you the worry if anything goes wrong and with a 5 year warranty* you're well protected.

*Please note, it is advisable to have the mower professionally installed, as problems arising from poor installation will not be covered by warranty. This is a service we can provide to customers within a 25 mile radius of our business. Please call for details.

Choose the correct size iMow for your lawn.

RMI422- up to 800m²

RMI422P - up to 1500m²

RMI422PC - up to 1700m²

Please be aware, you will also need to purchase the appropriate installation kit, unless you're replacing an existing robot mower.

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from £1,068.00 incl VAT
RMI 422
6301 011 1457
£1,068.00incl VAT
RMI 422P
6301 011 1462
£1,282.93incl VAT
6301 011 1467
£1,603.93incl VAT
Power source
Dry Weight
Nominal Output
Cutting Height
20 - 60mm
Cutting Width
20 cm
Recommended Mowing Area
John Deere
EcoTech Italia
Bill Goat
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