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Robotic Mower Installation kits

Robotic Mower Installation kits

Brand: Stihl

Installation kits for creating or extending a robot mower perimeter wire.

We sell and use the Stihl perimeter wire kits, available in two sizes. Choose either the 150m or 400m kit, or a combination of both to achieve the required overall wire length. Each kit comes with the appropriate amount of securing pegs and easy to use wire joining clips, which are designed to withstand water and prevent corrosion.

The kits use a standard wire diameter of 2.3mm, which is usually perfectly adequate. However if you believe you may need a thicker, more robust wire, for maybe stony ground, rolls of 3.4mm and 5.5mm are available.

For the smaller lawn, areas less than 100m², order 6909 007 1089, AKM100 Module. This will prevent possible faults from occurring.

The small 150m kit comes with 150 securing pegs and 3 wire joining clips.

The larger 400m kit comes with 375 securing pegs and 7 wire joining clips.

Additional securing pegs and wire joining clips are available, should you need them (see below).

from £10.50 incl VAT
Installation Kit Small 150m
6909 007 1023
£68.99incl VAT
Installation Kit Large 400m
6909 007 1029
£178.00incl VAT
AFN075 Securing Pegs x 75
6301 007 1011
£10.50incl VAT
ADV010 Wire Clips x10
6909 007 1091
£12.25incl VAT
ARB151 Perimeter Wire Ø3.4mm x 150m
0000 400 8633
£67.00incl VAT
ARB501 Perimeter Wire Ø3.4mm x 500m
0000 400 8626
£196.97incl VAT
ARB300 Perimeter Wire Ø5.5mm x300m
0000 400 8615
£227.00incl VAT
AKM100 Small-Area Module
6909 007 1089
£18.00incl VAT
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