As spring arrives, the amount of gardening activity we do starts to increase but why should machinery such as chainsaws, mowers or hedge trimmers be serviced? And when?

Here are 4 reasons why gardening equipment should be serviced now, before the warmer weather and lighter days arrive!

Servicing garden equipment - It’s Safer

After being stored away for the winter and not being in use, it’s possible that moving parts such as blades and chains have become ‘sticky’ through rust or damp. Servicing garden equipment is a great opportunity to make sure that all moving parts are working properly and to replace anything that might be dangerous.

Avoid Holdups

Imagine the scene: You put aside a Sunday afternoon to spend some time in the garden making it look great - only to find that the mower or hedge trimmer isn’t working and needs a spare part. Now you have to spend your time sourcing the parts you need or taking your machine in for repair and before you get anything started in the garden, the weekend has passed.

By taking the time now to take a look at your garden machinery you can make sure that what you want works when you want! At John Miller Garden Machinery we offer a wide range of parts as well as servicing for your equipment. Free up time and make sure that your equipment is working optimally by using our garden machinery service centre in Chippenham. We have a team of specialists who understand how to make sure machinery and garden tools are serviced correctly.

Garden equipment servicing by John Miller Garden Machinery

A Job Well Done

Another great reason for servicing garden machinery is to make sure that it (and you) can do the best job possible! Blades and cutters that need sharpening or replacing, for example, might not trim lawns and trees as well as you would like. And they might not do the job at all! It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in - if the cutters are blunt or damaged then hedgerows and lawns will not look as good as you would like them to.

The saying might be that ‘a poor workman always blames his tools’, but you can always make a garden look much nicer if your garden tools are optimised to do the job for which they are intended.

Avoid Higher Replacement Costs

If broken garden machinery or tools aren’t repaired but continued to be used then in some circumstances, more damage can be done which could be permanent. This could mean extra damage to electric or fuel machinery and risks the need to buy new equipment rather than just new parts.

Sometimes a faulty component can also lead to extra strain on other components of an engine or moving part. If you are aware of any faulty or broken parts, then it’s recommended to have your garden equipment serviced before it’s too late.

When Should You Service garden machinery?

How often gardening equipment is serviced can vary depending on the type of machines or tools they are and how much they’re used. If electric garden machinery isn’t used very often then an annual service should be enough, unless you are aware of any faults or needed repairs then they should be dealt with straight away.

Petrol engine machinery is different – fuel can go stale very quickly if left in unused items like mowers, hedge trimmers and strimmers. For more advice read why does my garden machinery have problems starting?

If you are using equipment intensively over a short period of time, such as cutting back a long row of trees, then it might be necessary to have an extra service before you get started.

Garden machinery servicing can take place any time of the year but a good time to get it booked in and completed is at the start of the year before spring and the summer months arrive - before you need to use machinery the most.

If you have any questions regarding our servicing or spare parts, get in touch today. We are happy to provide further information and tips to make sure that you have the right tools, working properly so that your garden looks amazing!

If you have any questions, contact us on 01249 652 573 to find out more.

Garden machinery service centre reception at John Miller