Mowing the lawn is one of the most common household and garden tasks - especially during the spring and summer months.

It's also one of the most time-consuming, but it can be much more enjoyable and quicker to do with the right equipment.

Here are some tips to make cutting your lawn easier and more efficient:

Keep lawn mower blades sharp

Make sure you have sharp blades on your lawnmower. Dull blades can cause damage to your lawn as well as an uneven grass height. They can also create ruts in the lawn.

If your blades need replacing or any other part of your equipment needs servicing, we offer professional lawnmower repairs including the replacement of any garden machinery parts and a full check of your equipment to identify any potential issues. Blade sharpening services in Wiltshire is one of the ways we help gardeners keep a beautiful lawn.

Think about the direction you cut the grass

Be mindful of which direction you mow in. Mowing in one direction for too long will wear out your lawn, so always mix up the directions that you mow in when cutting your grass.

You might also want to break the lawn down into sections when cutting to make it more manageable.

Remove debris from your lawn

To help your garden grow correctly, keep your lawn clean by removing any clippings or debris that might be left behind from previous cuts.

This is task is easier to do when using one of our practical leaf blower vacs after each cut. This will help to prevent clumps of dirt from settling and will help prevent the spread of disease-causing organisms and insects from settling into your lawn.

You should also remove any dead branches, diseased or dying plants, or any other vegetation that might be using your lawn as a host for disease-causing organisms.

Use an aerator and moss killer for grass

Using an aerator is a great way to replenish the roots of the lawn, allowing the grass to grow better, and using an aerator in conjunction with moss and weed killer can help remove moss which can quickly take over the lawn.

If your lawn is dominated by moss, then you might need to rake out as much as you can before applying any moss killer. For the best way to do this, follow the instructions given for the moss killer that you have purchased.

Cut your lawn regularly

Regular cutting helps ensure moss and other debris are kept under control. If you have a large lawn to cut, then consider a sit on lawn mower and have it serviced regularly with our lawn tractor servicing.

A lawn tractor can really help to reduce the amount of time it takes when cutting the lawn.

Avoid cutting the lawn when it’s wet

Wet grass doesn’t cut very well and often sticks to blades resulting in a poor cut.

When cutting your lawn, it’s best if the grass is as dry as possible. If the grass hasn’t been cut for a while, then it might be longer than usual. In this case, it’s worth doing a first pass with the blades raised slightly. This reduces the grass slightly, allowing the lower part of the grass to dry out before you do a second pass, with the blades lowered.

Have more questions?

If you have additional questions about lawnmowers and the best way to cut your lawn, get in touch. We are happy to advise and help.

We also offer lawnmower repairs to ensure that your equipment is performing properly. When it comes to repairs and garden machinery parts, John Miller Garden Machinery is here to help! Call or visit us today.