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Segway Navimow Hi105E

Segway Navimow Hi105E

Ref: i105E
Brand: Segway

Segway renowned for their advances in technology have taken things up a notch in 2024. Using the data and feedback from the existing H series navimow , the innovators at Segway have come up with an even more user friendly robotic lawn mower ideal for small to medium sized gardens. 

The team have updated their Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) technology to EFLS 2.0  which integrates AI- enhanced GNSS data giving the ability to program the navimow for more complex lawns. Either walk your navimow around using the app via your smartphone or tablet you can use Segways latest updates to self install your robotic mower. Set your own boundary lines and mowing zones to mow the lawn and gain the flexibility to adjust the mowing area depending on the evolution of your landscape design. An added bonus is that this can easily move home with you if this is a future consideration. 

Being one of the few GPS style robotic lawn mowers to cater to smaller domestic spaces this is innovation at its finest. The i105E covers spaces up to 500m2 making this a brilliant fit for a family garden. Running from a Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning system this is comparatively more accurate than tradition GPS as this runs using a combination of data to handle complex terrains in a logical mowing pattern; this will mow the lawn until the job is complete and will also change direction to avoid track marks and keep the grass healthy.

An added upgrade from the H series - vision fence technology is now integrated in to the new i series robotic lawnmowers so where the satellite signal may dip, this can now continue to go on mowing by defaulting to the internal camera as a guide instead. This camera also allows for enhanced safety- with a 140 degree viewing angle, AI integrations enable the navimow to detect everything that is not grass and consequently stop mowing within a safe distance of obstacles retreating in a different direction; this is absolutely ideal for those with young children, animals or lots of activity in the garden. Setting your mowing parameters allows you to chose how often and at what time of day your robotic lawn mower will mow which will only further improve safety if set outside of active hours. 

Key Features include:

  • Recommended cutting size of up to 500m2
  • 20-60mm cutting height (manual cutting height adjustment)
  • bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity with optional 4G
  • 180mm cutting width
  • Battery powered with 2.55Ah Lithium Ion battery capacity
  • 60mins of mowing per charge
  • 90mins for full charge
  • Virtual boundary line functionality as standard
  • planned cutting route
  • Automatic charging returning to dock when required
  • Visionfence obstacle avoidance
  • Off road tyres
  • Blade halt sensor
  • Edge cutting
  • In App control including cutting height adjustments
  • anti theft radar in app
  • 24.5cm / 9inch diameter front wheels for greater maneuverability and control.
  • automatic weather detection using local weather forecasts - mowing will suspend in adverse weather conditions.
  • 30% max slope gradient
  • 58 dB(A) noise emission
  • IP66 waterproof level
  • 545 x 385 x 285mm 
  • weighs in at 10.9kg

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Segway Navimow i105E
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