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iMOW 6 EVO Robotic Lawn Mowers

iMOW 6 EVO Robotic Lawn Mowers

Ref: IA01 011 1441
Brand: Stihl

The Stihl iMow 6 EVO automatic robotic lawn mowers are designed for medium to large size lawns measuring up to 3000m2. These super efficient robotic grass mowers will only mow during the hours you choose and it'll mulch the grass, returning moisture and nutrients to give you a better lawn.

The new Stihl iMOWs are now controlled using the MY iMOW app which controls all functions of the iMOW. Use the app for the following:

  • set mowing schedule and times
  • adjust the mowing plan
  • return your iMOW to the doc
  • checking the iMow current status
  • adjust cutting heights
  • guided installaton instructions ( if multiple mowing plans required then please speak to our in house team about  professional installation)
  • connects via WIFI or bluetooth if close to the machine

The iMOW robot lawn mower uses sensors to detect if it is approaching any objects. The iMOW slows down to softly bump into the object and then go off in another direction.

Imagine not having to mow your lawn ever again, freeing up time to just relax and enjoy the garden.

The Stihl iMow robotic mowers are fully automatic and programmable to only mow when you want them to. Set it to mow weekdays only, so by the weekend the lawn’s nice and tidy. Or, mow at night when nobody’s about. They’re incredibly quiet, so no disturbing the neighbours.

As the mower goes out little and often, the grass never grows long; instead, using 3 sharp free-swinging blades the iMOW mulches grass putting the fine clippings back into the lawn. This fertilises and puts goodness and moisture back in, leaving you with a green and healthy lawn. PLEASE NOTE unless you mow the lawn initially it will take a few weeks to get the lawn down to the height you want with the robotic mower, after which point the iMOW will maintain the cutting height.

The iMOW rain sensors will pick up when the heavens open and give you the option to either let the iMOW carry on mowing or wait until the rain clears.   

Key details include:

  • Mow lawns up to 3000m2
  • Mows up to 40% gradient
  • 4G connected robotic lawn mower
  • 3 sharp blades which automatically aternate cutting rotation for a clean, precise cut. 
  • tool free blade replacement
  • Control the iMOW using my iMOW app
  • uses perimeter wire to guide iMow mowing areas
  • use iMOW app to define mowing zones and determine which the iMOW should pay attention to if preferential
  • completes mowing plan on its own
  • alarm trigger if tilt or unexpected movement detected. 
  • Automatic control function lock if iMOW moved away from home area
  • Update iMOW using 'over-the-air' updates.
  • 28cm/ 11inch cutting width
  • 20mm - 60mm cutting height - electronically adjusted via app
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • comes with 3 conduct wires
  • 15kg 
  • 150min mowing time with 100% charge (135min with 80% charge) 
  • ultra quiet with 48 dB(A) sound pressure level/ 61dB(A) 
  • Bluetooth and WLAN connectivity
  • LED display

PLEASE NOTE- in the interest of safety, children and animals should be kept away from the mowing area when the iMOW is cutting. Also keep  

Our highly trained staff will look after your iMOW saving you the worry if anything goes wrong and with a 5 year warranty* you're well protected.

*Please note, it is advisable to have the mower professionally installed, as problems arising from poor installation will not be covered by warranty. This is a service we can provide to customers within a 25 mile radius of our business. Please call for details.

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iMOW 6 EVO robotic mower
IA01 011 1441
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