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Honda Miimo

Honda Miimo

Ref: HRM40
Brand: Honda

Using a perimeter boundary wire and pegs, Hondas latest robotic lawnmower, the Honda Miimo will effortlessly cut your grass so that you don't have to. The Miimo will work using unique digital signals so that it is not disturbed by nearby electronic devices. 

Able to cut on slopes up to a 15' gradient this will help you navigate more complex lawn areas within your perimeter wire setting. 

The built in Lithium-ion battery gives you a zero emissions option that can mow up to 400m2 per half day. What if the battery is running low I hear you ask? No problem! The Miimo will take itself back to its docking station to recharge- once charged it will go back and pick up where it left off.

With 360 degree built in bump sensors, blades will automatically stop when it detects being picked up- it will also automatically turn away from obstacles, pets etc. 

Your Miimo can also be protected from theft using a unique security code which only you will have access to. It will stop and sound an alarm the moment it is lifted and will only restart with your unique pin id.  

Key features include:

  • Mows up to 400m2
  • 29m2/h working capacity
  • 15' max incline for mowing area
  • 9' max wire incline on slope
  • noise level of 63dB(A)
  • uses 3 swing back blades 
  • Micro mulching - Miimo cuts grass clippings into tiny particles so that they drop through the grass and act as fertiliser.
  • 190mm cutting width
  • manual cutting height adjustment - 30-50mm
  • Li-ion18V/ 2.5aAh battery
  • 45min mowing time per charge
  • 45min charging time
  • Waterproof class IPX4
  • Map & mow set-up and mowing process
  • corner and edge docking station position
  • 125m of boundary wire and 180 pegs supplied for sey up
  • 445 x 364 x 202mm
  • 8kg
  • cutting height 
  • 5 year domestic warranty


  1. Ideally you want the starting length to be at Miimos max cut height of circa 2"-  cut with a traditional mower for the first cut of the season then let Miimo take over.
  2. This price is for the unit and accompanying perimeter wire and pegs only- this will therefore need to be installed by you, the customer. This will require an external plug socket circa within 10 meters of the docking station location; we suggest speaking to a professional if you do not already have the external electric wiring in place. 

If you are local to our store (SN14 0RL), please call our showroom on 01249 652573 for an installation quote if you would prefer to have this set up for you. 

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Honda Miimo HRM 40
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