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Stihl MH445 Tiller

Stihl MH445 Tiller

Brand: Stihl

The Stihl MH445 compact Tiller is an excellent, easy to operate machine with lots of features to make the job easier and leave you with a great area to work with.

Capable of digging to a depth of 10". This replenishes air pockets and allows water to soak to a greater depth, improving root growth and therefore giving you healthier plants.

It uses a quality, powerful140cc Briggs & Stratton 550 EX OHV engine, which is centrally positioned to keep the machine nicely balanced.

The fully adjustable handlebars allow you to position them for comfort and to off-set them left or right to prevent treading on the freshly cultivated soil. They also have an integrated anti-vibration system for added comfort and protection.

The 4 sets of Ø30cm tines are removable, this allows you to take off the outer ones and reduce the working width from 45cm to 25cm for narrow work. Alternatively, add an extra set to increase the working width to 62cm, allowing you to turn over a wider area of soil on larger plots. You'll need to purchase the AHV600 Hoe Extension Set to achieve this. The MH445 also has plant protection discs to keep the current plants safe from harm.

There's a 3 position brake spur to help control the speed of the tiller and the depth it's digging.

The MH445 has transport wheels attached to make it simple to get the machine to the work area. Once there, the wheels easily flip up out of the way.

The 'R' model MH445 comes with a reverse gear. This very handy feature makes it easy to back away from a wall or end of the row without disturbing the soil. It moves back slowly, so if there's plants around there's no danger of going over them.

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from £65.00 incl VAT
Stihl MH445
6241 011 3904
£689.00incl VAT
Stihl MH445R (with reverse)
6241 011 3913
£707.00incl VAT
AHV600 Hoe Extension Kit
6906 710 0311
£65.00incl VAT
Power source
Fuel Capacity
0.80 litres
Dry Weight
Vibration Level
approx. 5.5 m/s²
Sound Level
93 dB(A)
Cutting Width
John Deere
EcoTech Italia
Bill Goat
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