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Stihl Strimmer Lines

Stihl Strimmer Lines

Brand: Stihl

Genuine Stihl strimmer lines for any make of strimmer or brushcutter. Various sizes and lengths available.

Top quality mowing line, always in stock for all the range of machine sizes.

As a guide, see below for which size line to use. If in any doubt, check your owners manual or phone us for advise.

1.4mm and 1.6mm for electric and cordless machines.

Use 2.0mm for smaller petrol strimmers, with a curved shaft.

Straight shaft brushcutters use 2.4mm and 2.7mm and the very big, powerful machines use 3.0mm.

For larger quantities, please phone to order.

*It's a good idea to place your strimmer line in a bowl of water for 24 hours from time to time. This'll keep the line nice and supple, preventing it from breaking off and getting jammed up inside the strimmer head.

from £4.15 incl VAT
diameter 1.6mm / length 19M
0000 930 2334
£4.50incl VAT
diameter 2.0mm / length 14M
0000 930 2335
£4.15incl VAT
diameter 2.0mm / length 60M
0000 930 2336
£11.50incl VAT
diameter 2.0mm / length 119M
0000 930 2337
£17.00incl VAT
diameter 2.4mm / length 14M
0000 930 2338
£4.15incl VAT
diameter 2.4mm / length 41M
0000 930 2339
£11.50incl VAT
diameter 2.4mm / length 83M
0000 930 2340
£17.00incl VAT
diameter 2.7mm / length 9M
0000 930 2341
£4.15incl VAT
diameter 2.7mm / length 34M
0000 930 2342
£10.50incl VAT
diameter 2.7mm / length 65M
0000 930 2343
£17.00incl VAT
diameter 2.7mm / length 208M
0000 930 2227
£40.00incl VAT
diameter 3.0mm / length 162M
0000 930 2542
£40.50incl VAT
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