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Aspen Fuel 4 Stroke

Aspen Fuel 4 Stroke

Brand: Aspen

Aspen 4 Alkylate fuel for 4 stroke garden machinery.

This handy 1 or 5 litre container of long life petrol, suitable for nearly all lawnmowers and other machinery with a 4 stroke engine is used instead of regular unleaded petrol, with no oil added.

Regular 'pump' petrol has a short shelf life and if left for more than about 6 weeks can cause significant damage to the carburettor, resulting in a costly repair. See our blog from July 2019 'Fuel system issues caused by stale petrol' for more information.

Aspen fuel has a shelf life of up to 5 years! So buy it and you'll have no need to worry. Available to purchase in 1 litre bottles or buy a 5 litre container to save money.

*For all 2 stroke engines, where fuel and oil is mixed at 50:1, buy Aspen 2. A ready mixed, long life fuel.

from £4.79 incl VAT
1 Litre 4 Stroke Fuel
5 Litre 4 Stroke Fuel

Aspen Fuel is only available to collect from store, due to the restrictions of transportation.

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