Of all the living things in a garden, moss is one of the fastest growing. It can quickly take over borders and lawns and can be tricky to control, but is it a good or a bad thing to have?

There are certainly some good points to having moss. Moss on a border, for example, can help to keep the soil moist, and it can protect plants from extreme weather conditions.

Moss can also add to the look of a garden. While some gardeners don’t like moss at all, there’s also the view that moss can add texture and a colour variation to the overall appearance of a garden - especially if you are going for a more natural or older style for your garden.

Moss, however, has many disadvantages. Its rapid growth means that it can quickly take over a luscious green lawn, and it can take over the space that plants need to thrive.

It can also hinder the growth of nearby trees and shrubs by blocking out sunlight and preventing water from reaching their roots.

In addition, moss can be a breeding ground for pests and diseases which could potentially harm other plants.

Is moss a plant?

Moss is an ancient, rootless, non-flowering plant which produces spores and has stems and leaves, but doesn't have true roots. Instead they possess rhizoids instead of roots. Mosses, and their cousins liverworts and hornworts, are classified as Bryophyta (bryophytes) in the plant kingdom. 

Having too much moss in your garden can clearly be a bad thing, and it’s important to understand how and why it should be controlled.

How to remove moss in your garden

Using the right equipment…

There are various tools that can be used to control and remove moss. Using rotavators or cultivators is a good way to control moss on your lawn or borders.


Rotavators help to break up soil and aerate the ground - allowing air and nutrients to enter the soil so that the soil is healthier for lawns and other plants to grow.

Lawn Scarifiers

Scarifiers are also worth considering. These handy tools are designed to remove thatch, moss and other debris (including dead plants) from your lawn. By removing unwanted items, your grass lawn is able to thrive better.

For the best effect, it’s best to use scarifiers in spring or autumn.

Cultivators and Tillers

Cultivators or tillers are great for borders by tilling or ploughing the soil so that it’s ready for flowers and plants to be planted during the springtime. During the process, cultivators dig up and loosen any moss that’s firmly rooted into the soil.

Once moss has been removed from your garden, it’s important to keep it under control to prevent it from growing back, and one way you can keep your lawn under control is by regularly cutting the grass.

Lawn tractors

Lawn tractors are great for keeping large lawns under control, and for preventing moss from spreading rapidly across the lawn.

Need expert garden machinery help?

If you would like to find out more about the right equipment for removing moss, make sure to visit our garden machinery shop in Chippenham, Wiltshire or view our moss removing equipment online for a range of equipment including scarifiers, rotavators and lawn tractors.