Allotments are a fabulous place to escape to and enjoy the fresh air and outdoors and, while the winter months are less colourful and active, there are still plenty of activities to be done to get the allotment ready for the warmer months.

If you’re looking for the best tools to help you prepare your allotment, here are some to consider:

Leaf blowers and garden vacs

Leaf blowers and garden vacs are great for quickly clearing away debris and tidying up your plot.

Using a rake or broom to gather and pick up leaves manually can be tiring and time-consuming. It also risks not picking up bits that you are more likely to collect using a leaf blower since these useful tools can help you to create piles of all types of debris for easy collection.

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Tillers, Rotavators and Cultivators

Once you have tidied up the leaves and any other unwanted bits, it’s time to prepare the soil so that it’s healthy and ready to provide nutrients to your spring and summer vegetation.

Tillers (like rotavators and cultivators) help to prepare the ground by creating holes in the soil. This allows healthy air to enter the soil and the roots - and for water and other nutrients to reach the soil at a deeper level.

The healthier your soil is, the more likely plants and flowers are going to thrive during the peak season, and there’s no better time to prepare your soil, than during the winter and early spring months when you are less likely to plant anything.

Our tillers come with adjustable handlebars to make the task easier, and you can adjust the speed of the tiller as well as the depth of the soil that it digs into.

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Brushcutters and Strimmers

As you get closer to spring, it’s time to start making the allotment look more beautiful - and this is where brushcutters and strimmers play their part!

Both brushcutters and strimmers allow you to make your allotment look much neater by cutting grass and tidying up the edges of borders and other areas of growth.

The benefits of using a strimmer include the ability to cut grass with ease, the ability to produce a better finish and the ability to trim hard-to-reach areas including steep slopes.

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Ready to prepare your allotment for the season?

There’s always plenty to do if you own an allotment and the winter months are a great opportunity to get organised and prepared for a busier spring and summer. Whether it’s leaf blowers, brushcutters or tillers, we have a full range of garden machinery tools to make your work easier and more enjoyable.

Make sure to browse our online gardening tool shop and get in touch with our experts on garden machinery in Chippenham, Wiltshire if you have any questions.