Pressure washers are a great tool for cleaning any surface. In this article, we explain what a pressure washer is, and provide 5 great uses for a pressure washer around your home or farm.

What is a pressure washer?

A pressure washer is a device that uses high-pressure water to clean surfaces. It’s a versatile tool that connects to an outside hosepipe and an electric socket in order to perform a high level of cleaning.

At John Miller Garden Machinery in Chippenham, we provide a range of power washers to suit your individual needs. Our top-of-the-range Stihl RE150 pressure washer, for example, is an extremely powerful cleaner and is perfect for tough or large jobs at home or on a farm or small holding.

5 Uses for a pressure washer

Here are 5 ways you can use your pressure washer:

1. Cleaning patios and driveways

Pressure washers are perfect for cleaning patios and driveways, whether they are tiled, bricked or concrete. During the colder winter months, patios tend to become stained from various elements such as fallen leaves and any debris from gutters and roofs.

This can also make patios and driveways slippery. Using a pressure washer allows you to add shine back so that your driveway or patio looks great again - while also making the surface safer and better to use.

If the surface area to be cleaned is subject to a lot of debris, such as leaves from trees, then you might want to consider a leaf blower vac to remove excess debris before power washing.

Leaf blower vacs can quickly remove larger items and are perfect for clearing away the surfaces ready for a thorough clean. Similarly, if you have been cutting hedges near a pathway then you might find that the pathway needs to be cleaned properly using a pressure washer. In this case, make sure to complete the cutting using a hedge trimmer first before then clearing away the bulk of the cuttings and then using a pressure washer.

2. Vehicle wash downs 

Pressure washers can help to speed up how long it takes to clean a vehicle, and it’s the ultimate way to remove hard-to-remove marks.

Pigeon excrement, for example, isn’t just hard to remove, it can also damage the paintwork on a car - and the quickest way to remove it is with a premium quality pressure washer.

If you own a farm or smallholding, a pressure washer is also a great tool for removing mud and other dirt from farm vehicles.

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3. Removing paint or graffiti 

If you are looking at repainting wooden decking, fences or a summer house then a pressure washer is great for removing old paintwork first.

Similarly, if you have graffiti or have spilt paint on a surface then a pressure washer can remove the marks.

4. Removing moss and slime 

As any gardener knows, moss grows fast and is very good at attaching itself to anything it can, including brickwork.

The good news is that you don’t need to pull out each piece of moss by hand or use a trowel to scrape and remove it. Pressure washers are great for quickly removing large areas of moss. They are also good at removing any leaves that have turned into mud or slime on the surface of your patio or pathways.

If you haven’t got the time to do a regular full clean then it’s recommended to skim the surfaces of your paths and patios during winter and spring to stop the build-up of anything that can make the floor slippery.

5. Cleaning equipment using pressure washers 

Pressure washers are also great for cleaning items that you might use in the garden or on a farm. Got smelly bins that need cleaning out?… use a pressure washer. Have algae building up on a gate or storage unit? A pressure washer is a hassle-free way to remove it… you get the idea.

Pressure washers are extremely powerful so it’s important to exercise caution when using them on full power as they might remove more from a surface than you want to, but used properly, a pressure washer is THE best way to clean surfaces and other objects.

Want to explore pressure washers further?

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