We are sometimes asked by our customers about the benefits of picking up cut grass when mowing a lawn versus just cutting the lawn without collecting the clippings.

If you have a large area to cut then it can be quicker to use lawnmowers that cut the grass and leave the grass cuttings on the lawn but there are, however, pros and cons to this approach.

The preferred approach at John Miller and with our customers is to collect the grass as the lawn is cut.

Here are some tips on and benefits of using a grass collector on a lawnmower:

SECRET TO A great-looking garden

Not collecting the grass results in growing piles of grass cuttings on a lawn - and this doesn’t look great over time. Grass collecting lawnmowers, however, ensure that your lawn has a tidy, smart finish at the end.

At John Miller Garden Machinery, we provide a range of grass-collecting ride-on tractor mowers as well as non-collecting lawn mowers which you can find out more about in our online store.

Stopping the spread of disease in lawns

If the grass on your lawn is diseased or infected with pests, then grass cuttings are a great way to spread the problem - and that’s something you clearly don’t want!

Fungal diseases and moss love grass cuttings and, if the cuttings aren’t collected, these unwanted elements can quickly spread across the lawn.

There is a counterargument that uncut grass also contains nutrients which are fed back into the lawn and this needs to be weighed up against the risk of disease spreading across the lawn and the other benefits of using lawnmowers that collect grass.

It might depend on how large your grass areas are, what they’re used for and if meadows are used, then cutting the grass for hay is a good option for keeping the grass until I’s dried – ready for bailing.

Ways to get a smoother cut for grass

Another benefit of using lawnmowers with grass collectors is that the final cut remains consistently smooth (in fact, regular cutting can make the cut smoother as you get your lawn under control).

Not collecting the grass, however, means that for future cuts, the previous cuttings mingle in the cutting blades while trying to cut the lawn. This results in a less smooth cut as the clippings mount up over time.

A bit more time for a much better lawn

We talked earlier about saving time when not picking up the grass, but the amount of time saved is not huge when compared to how much better your lawn will look.

If you are raking up the grass on large lawns then yes - it can be time-consuming, but at John Miller Garden Machinery, we have a range of lawn tractors and lawnmowers with grass collectors that do a great job in much less time.

Our grass-collecting ride-on tractor mowers cut and collect grass at the same time. The only downtime is when the collector needs emptying.

When it comes to a great-looking healthy lawn, the use of grass-collecting lawnmowers are the best way to go!

Ready to buy your next lawnmower with grass collector?

At John Miller, we offer a range of high-quality garden machinery to help you make gardening and outdoor activities easier and more enjoyable. We have a range of lawn tractors and mowers including a great range of lawn mowers with grass collectors designed to provide you with a great-looking lawn.

Come and visit our garden machinery showroom in Chippenham to view our great range of garden machinery and do get in touch if you have questions about our mowers or tractors.

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