When it comes to growing crops and managing a smallholding, there are various tools you can use to ensure that the soil and ground are looked after and maintained.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of using a garden tiller as well as some other smallholding tools that you can use to manage and improve your smallholding.

What are Tillers?

Garden tillers are machines that are used to turn over the soil in a garden or smallholding, typically where crops are going to be grown. A garden tiller has a set of rotating blades that cut through the soil and turns it over. The blades on a tiller are called tines which are the rotating blades that dig the soil. Tines have sharp edges but the shape of the tine is the important part with each tine consisting of four blades curved in opposing directions.

A tiller is a great way to prepare the ground and ensure that you grow better crops and when it comes to quality garden machinery, one of the best product ranges available include Stihl garden machinery.

The Stihl MH585 Tiller, for example, is capable of digging soil to a depth of 10". This replenishes air pockets in the soil and allows water to soak to a greater depth, improving root growth and therefore giving you healthier crops.

Garden tillers are also used by gardeners who want to create raised beds for growing vegetables or flowers, or for people who need to prepare ground that has been laid waste by flooding.

What’s the difference between cultivators and tillers?

A helpful point to note is that cultivators and tillers are different. A tiller is more powerful than a cultivator and is a fuel powered garden machine that digs soils automatically to a wider width than cultivators, using the heavy-duty tines to work the soil.

Smallholding tools 

There are various other tools that you can use to help clear the ground and to prepare it for growing plants and crops. Feel free to check out our full range of equipment including lawnmowers, rotavators and cultivators and tractor mowers.


Here are some tools you might want to consider:

Brush cutters and Strimmers:

Managing a smallholding can be a lot of hard work. Luckily, at John Miller Garden Machinery, we have a range of handy landscaping tools to help you keep your small holding land tidy and well maintained.

We have a wide range of brushcutters and strimmers for sale online that include petrol powered strimmers and brushcutters for heavy duty landscaping and cordless battery powered brushcutters and strimmers for lighter work.


A properly looked after lawn can make a huge difference to how a garden area or smallholding can look, and it’s important to select the right equipment from the many types of lawnmowers that are available.

For cutting large areas of grass, John Deere sit on lawnmowers are a great option, allowing you to cut more grass in less time, and with less effort!


Chainsaws, Log splitters and hedge cutters:

Keeping the boundaries and any woodlands intact is an important task that can quickly become a huge task. With the right equipment, however, you can turn a mammoth task into a much lighter project.

Chainsaws and log splitters are great for clearing away debris and any damage from high winds while hedge cutters and hedge trimmers are great for trimming and styling hedgerows.

General Garden Machinery:

There are plenty of tools that you can use to manage your smallholding and the challenge can sometimes be working out which tools or equipment are best.

If you need help understanding more about our tools including our John Deere and Stihl garden machinery, get in touch with our smallholding garden machinery team today.