Whilst some garden equipment is still in use during the winter months, lawnmowers and other equipment are typically used much less and this provides ideal downtime to do a bit of winter servicing. Doing this helps to make sure that your equipment stays in great working condition.

Which garden machinery should be serviced?

Any garden machinery that you have should be serviced annually, or more frequently if it is used a lot - whether it’s lawn mower service or cleaning up and replacing parts for a hedge trimmer or leaf blower.

Servicing garden machinery such as lawn mowers and lawn tractors during downtime is a great way to avoid having to handle repairs and any urgent servicing during the busier months when time is limited and you have plenty to do!

Below are the answers to some questions you might have about servicing your garden machinery in winter.

Do you need the know-how to perform a garden machinery service?

Maintaining garden machinery is not an easy task. It can be a challenge knowing what to service and how - before having to get any replacement parts, but there are some basic servicing steps that you can do yourself.

Basic servicing such as cleaning down parts and tightening up components can be done at home but, for a more thorough and professional service including lawn tractor servicing and any repairs, we recommend contacting John Miller Garden Machinery.

We have the expertise and knowledge to ensure your equipment is serviced properly and optimised for the best results.

What servicing can I do myself?

Here are some simple servicing tips that you can perform at home. If you aren’t sure about any of these or need further help, get in touch by calling  our garden machinery service centre in Chippenham.

Cleaning and drying: If you are putting away equipment for the winter then removing debris and wiping down equipment is essential to avoiding damage such as rust. Equipment should also be dried thoroughly before being packed away.

Airtight, safe storage: If you are storing items in a shed or garage then cold weather and frost can have an impact. Sealing up equipment, however, can help to limit any impact and prevent oxidisation (that causes rust and mould). Make sure also to store equipment away safely in a way that avoids equipment from falling and causing any personal injury.

Basic replacements and tightening: If you see wear and tear on machinery then you can source new components from our shop for a quick replacement. Components such as the chain on a chainsaw can also be tightened to ensure they are working correctly.

Please always be very careful when servicing equipment and always follow the official user guides for any equipment that you are maintaining. If you have any concerns or issues, contact us for help with your garden machinery service.

Need help?

At John Miller Garden Machinery, we provide various levels of garden machinery servicing at our service centre in Chippenham. If you are looking for support including lawn tractor servicing or a lawnmower service then get in touch. We are always happy to help!

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