When it comes to looking after your garden or small farm, the use of garden machinery is the most effective solution - but it’s important to look after your small holding or small farm equipment throughout the year.

Lawnmowers and other garden machinery not only work best when they are looked after, but they are also safer to use as a result. If you are unlikely to use some of your gardening equipment during the winter months, then consider providing them with a bit of tender loving care before putting them into storage.

Here are some simple rules for keeping your machinery safe:

Keeping them dry

Garden machinery can get wet during use. Make sure to wipe down your equipment and remove any dirt or debris. Cuttings can easily get stuck in between blades or in any small gaps in your garden equipment and during winter storage, this might turn into a more composted or moist texture.

Equipment should be fully dried before storing away equipment.

Use boxes to store bits and accessories

Accessories can easily get lost when left on a shelf among other items. If possible, try to use original boxes and bags that are labelled. This not only makes it easier to find them later on, it also protects them from the elements and reduces the chances of mould or rust.

If your equipment has multiple cutting bits that are interchangeable then use packaging to avoid any personal injury during storage.

Storage environment to suit the equipment

Garden machinery consists of different parts, some of which might need to be stored in a different environment. Lawnmovers or hedge trimmers can easily be stored in a shed or garage but some of the accessories might need to be stored in a different way - or in different locations!

Batteries for cordless garden machinery should be stored at room temperature as they can degrade rapidly at lower temperatures. Make sure also to store liquids such as machinery oil in a safe place and at the right temperature - and seal anything stored in containers and bags fully to prevent air from entering.

Consider a winter maintenance

Before storing equipment away for long periods, consider having your gardening equipment serviced. At John Miller Garden Machinery, we provide different levels of servicing and can make sure that your machinery is serviced ready for storage. Just ask about our lawnmower servicing

Lock away equipment

Storing landscaping equipment out of sight and in a locked away environment has two benefits. It reduces the risk of your machinery being stolen and also ensures that the equipment is safely kept away from children and anyone else that might try to handle the machinery.

It’s worth reviewing how well your machinery is locked away. Faulty windows or broken locks might entice criminals, and this can easily be avoided by undertaking some quick repairs.

Need help keeping your garden machinery Serviced and safe?

If you have any questions about garden machinery servicing and storing away your equipment for the colder months, then get in touch with our experts here at John Miller Garden Machinery in Chippenham, Wiltshire. We are happy to provide advice and don’t forget to ask us about our seasonal servicing services!