Look after your lawn and open areas with the right garden equipment!

Managing large areas of grassland such as paddocks and open grassy park areas can be a lot of hard work and ongoing maintenance but, with the right tools, it can be done much more effectively.

Here are 5 ride-on mowers and lawn tractors that will make the management of grassy areas in smallholdings, farms and park estates more enjoyable!

John Deere Zero Turn Ride-on Mowers

Zero Turn Mowers, also referred to sometimes as z-turn lawn mowers, are designed for cutting large areas of grass. Although the turning circle of these mowers is close to zero, they are designed to cut edges and around obstacles very accurately, eliminating the need to do additional trimming.

The John Deere Zero Turn Ride-on Mower is designed to cut large areas quickly and comes with free delivery within a 25-mile radius of the John Miller Garden Machinery shop in Chippenham.

While the Z345R model John Deere Ride-on Mower is great for large park estates and smallholdings, our latest model, the Z545R John Deere Ride-on Mower offers the ultimate in fast cutting.

This new ride-on mower model is capable of cutting grass at speeds of up to 9 mph. The R range also comes with some added perks to make grass cutting more enjoyable. The R range comes with the top of the range comfort package which includes a high back seat and an anti-vibration footplate.

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John Deere Z345R - Zero turn ride-on mowers

John Deere Z545R - Zero turn ride-on mowers

Zero turn lawn mowers


The John Deere x100 series range of ride-on mowers are designed to cut lawns up to 6,000 square meters (or 1.48 acres).

They also come with the added benefit of collecting up to 300 litres of grass before it needs to be emptied, saving precious time when you have large areas of grass to cut.

The X117 model can also reach speeds of up to 5.5 mph, resulting in a great looking lawn in very little time.

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John Deere X100 - Grass collecting ride-on mowers and garden tractors

Grass collecting ride-on mowers and garden tractors

Non-collecting ride-on tractor mowers

For smaller areas of up to 600 square metres, the John Deere X166 Ride-on Tractor Mower is a perfect solution with its 48" / 122cm cutter deck and a V twin OHV engine. Alternatively, the John Deere x100 Ride-on Tractor series offers side discharge of cut grass and a mulch deck to break up cuttings into smaller, more consolidated piles.

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John Deere X166 - Non grass collecting ride-on mowers and garden tractors

John Deere X167 - Non grass collecting ride-on mowers and garden tractors

Non Collecting Ride-on Tractor Mowers

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