The purchasing of robotic mowers (or auto mowers as they are sometimes referred to) is becoming more popular, although many people still overlook them, not realising their potential.

What are Robotic Mowers?

Robot lawn mowers are autonomous robotic devices that cut your lawn grass. Automowers are rechargeable battery devices and are fully automatic and programmable too. Some iMowers can even be programmed via your Smartphone.

A typical robotic lawn mower will detect obstacles and mow around them. There are many variations available and they can mow lawns up to 5000 M². Robot mowers can detect boundaries (either provided by you as an object such as wire or solid objects and can even locate a recharging dock, so that it can recharge itself.

Gaining more time for yourself

Imagine not having to mow your lawn again, freeing up time for other gardening jobs or allowing you time to just relax and enjoy the garden.

The Stihl Imow robotic mowers are fully automatic and programmable to only mow when you want them to. Set it to mow weekdays only, so by the weekend the lawn’s nice and tidy. Or, mow at night when nobody’s about. They’re incredibly quiet, so no disturbing the neighbours.

Robotic lawnmowers at John Miller Garden Machinery

The key to a beautiful lawn

As the auto mower goes out little and often, the grass never grows long. Instead, the mower mulches the grass, putting the fine clippings back into the lawn.

This fertilises the lawn, putting goodness and moisture back in, leaving you with a green and healthy lawn.

The mowers will detect rainfall and not come out when it’s wet, this’ll prevent unsightly marks and messy cutting. So even if you’re away, you can be sure your lawn will be in great shape.

There’s one robot mower to fit nearly any size lawn

Robotic mowers come in several sizes, so there should be one suitable for any lawn, but if the area’s too big for the largest mower, it’s possible to add a second mower to work in conjunction with the first. Stihl do seven models in the range, designed to mow lawns up to 5000 M².

Secondary areas aren’t usually a problem. For example, if you have a front lawn to mow as well, simply carry it out to it and let it go.

What if?

Questions we’re often asked is ‘what about an obstacle in the garden?’ or ‘what if my dog gets near it?’.

The Imow has several sensors which will either make the mower change direction or stop, if the mower hits something or is interfered with. This ensures that you, your pet, objects in the garden and the mower keep safe.

Smart Phone Compatible Lawnmowers

‘C’ model iMows are Smart Mowers that have technology built in to enable them to communicate with your smart phone or tablet and the servicing dealer.

Settings can be altered remotely, including sending commands to mow or not, altering the mowing times and duration or simply adjusting the time and date.

The Stihl service dealer can also check the machine remotely if there’s a fault. This can help diagnose problems, saving time and sometimes money.

You’ll receive alerts if something goes wrong or if the mower’s been moved without your knowledge. Should the unthinkable happen, you can trace its location, giving you a very good chance of getting it back.

Don’t be afraid

We know Robotic mowers are a relatively new concept, and you may have doubts about their ability and whether it’s the right option for you. Keep in mind though, you don’t need to be an I.T. expert to own one. Remember, if you have any questions about them, we’re here to help.

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