We get asked quite a few times 'which multi tools are best for gardening and why?' so we thought we'd share some of our thoughts with you today.

There are many benefits to using multi-tools and garden starter kits when it comes to doing gardening activities at home. At John Miller Garden Machinery, and as Stihl main dealers in Wiltshire, we offer Stihl Kombi Systems to ensure you can enjoy your gardening activities while making tasks easier and quicker to perform.

What is a garden multi tool?

Garden multi tools such as the Stihl Kombi System are engine powered garden multi-tools which include a motorhead with many interchangeable attachments, making it an 'all-in-one' gardening tool.

The motorhead looks like the end of a trimmer but the shaft, however, separates to allow different attachments to be connected. By attaching various tools, you can perform a large number of tasks without the need to buy a wide range of different gardening tools, each with their own power unit.

Kombi Systems include multi-tools to perform tasks such as hedge trimming, cultivating soil, sweeping and cleaning, leaf blowing, strimming, pruning and much more. In fact, with the Stihl Kombi System, there aren’t many everyday gardening tasks that you can’t do!

Garden multi-tools at John Miller Garden Machinery

Here are some of the key benefits of using multi-tools for the garden:

Easy storage

The Stihl Kombi System makes storing away and accessing tools much easier compared to using various other separate tools, which are typically much larger and heavier. The shaft is narrow and easy to store while the various garden tool attachments that connect to it can be stored away in a single, easy to access space. Their size and break down of individual attachments also make them better for carrying and transporting.

Quick set up and usage

You only need one main engine unit for the Stihl Kombi System. Various tools are added to the shaft. This means that you can cut back on space and quickly set up the Kombi System to do what you want. Sometimes carrying and setting up multiple tools can be more of a pain as they are physically larger and heavier, so this is the perfect solution for reducing all those separate gardening tools you have whilst increasing the variety of activities you can do in the garden. And with the Stihl Kombi harness it ensures you can work for longer periods with increased comfort – what’s not to like?


When working in a specific area of the garden, it’s necessary to switch tools. Thankfully, the Stihl Kombi System provides the flexibility you need to perform the various tasks. Busy trimming a bush and need to sweep? There’s a quick replacement attachment for that! Pruning and find a need to blow away some leaves or trim parts of a bush nearby? No problem.

If you know which tools you are likely to need then it’s easy to carry the various options to the garden area you are working on, using their carry bag, without having to haul larger tools back and forth from the garage or storage shed.


Among the various multi-tools are also 1-metre extensions, which allow you to reach areas that other tools might not normally be able to reach. This is especially useful when hedge trimming or pruning.

What tools do you need in the garden?

Whatever you need to do in the garden, the Stihl Kombi System provides a wide range of multi-tools that will make your life easier. To find out more about the various multi tools for gardeners, visit our online shop today.

If you have any further questions about garden multi-tools, give us a call and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff here at the Stihl main dealer desk.