Managing and running a smallholding, or equine area can be an ongoing challenge - especially if you don’t have the right equipment. The saying ‘a poor workman always blames his tools’ was clearly not from someone who had tried to cut grass with a broken down mower - or even a pair of nail scissors (not that we have done this but we can imagine!).

Fortunately, we have put together 5 must-have smallholding tools that are invaluable when running a smallholding. They can save you hours and reduce the risk of aching joints or back pain!

Off road vehicles - Smallholder Quad bikes

Most modern methods of transport aren’t designed for carrying farm produce or equipment across bumpy terrain such as fields or pot-holed bridleways. Smallholder quad bikes are perfect all-terrain vehicles as they allow you to be mobile so quickly get from one part of your smallholding to another. If you need to carry a small number of goods then this can easily be done as most quad bikes have bars at the front and/or back to attach accessories like small bales of hay! They can also allow you to attach small trailers for carrying more, although you may want to consider a tractor and trailer for transporting larger volumes.

Off road vehicles such as quad bikes are also stable and relatively low cost to maintain and run. Buy off road vehicles online

Smallholding trailers

To transport more, or larger items, around your small holding then having a trailer is definitely a must-have piece of equipment. Smallholding trailers come in various sizes and options. If you are using it to carry earth, weeds, waste or animal feed then a tipping trailer allows you to quickly empty the trailer without the need to manually uplift by hand (or by shovel!).

Trailers can easily be used with quad bikes as well as tractors. Make sure to buy the right size and type of trailer for your needs.

Ground care equipment for your small holding

Depending on your type of smallholding, the equipment you use to maintain the ground can vary. Products to consider include muck spreaders, sprayers, harrow and rollers and grass care equipment. If you have livestock then smallholder haymaking equipment should also be considered along with other lawn care products, which we’ll discuss in greater detail in a moment.

Ground care is especially important when growing crops as the more fertile and well managed the earth is then the greater the chance of success when growing crops.

Log splitters, Chainsaws and hedge Trimmers

Keeping the boundaries and any woodlands intact is an important task that needs to be done regularly, and hedge cutters and trimmers are a great way to keep hedgerows and boundaries looking good - and if necessary, keeping livestock from escaping. See our hedge trimmers to buy online.

Log splitters and chainsaws are also a great way to breakdown trees and so that you can use the wood for firewood. Always ensure your firewood is completely dry before using it in log burners. See our chainsaws to buy online

Lawn care

Topper mowers are great for taking the tops off (or ‘topping’) long grass. Topper mowers are relatively affordable (especially small field toppers) and are also great for stopping brambles and other woody plants from spreading quickly across the land.

A more versatile option to a topper mower is a flail mower. Flail mowers can cut long grass, like topper mowers, as well as be used to keep smaller length grass lawns looking great. The only downside is they have a higher cost compared to topper mowers. See our 

Which small holding machinery and tools are best for you?

Above is a list of smallholder equipment that we believe a smallholding must-have. There are plenty of other garden machinery products to consider but ultimately, the range of equipment you use will depend on your operations. There are, for example, plenty of tools such as livestock feeders and storage units if you are managing livestock.

For advice about which small holding machinery is best for you, please get in touch with us and we can share our expertise with you to give you impartial tips and guidance.

And remember….we’re here for garden machinery servicing too, so if you have any small holding machinery that is having trouble starting or performing at its best, please let us know and we can advise about machinery servicing and repairs too.