The benefits of cordless garden tools

At John Miller Garden Machinery, we offer a wide range of garden tools in different sizes to suit your needs and the size of your garden. In order to do this, we offer solutions that are powered either by electric or petrol engines and while petrol engine garden machinery has their advantages, there are many cases where cordless electric products are preferred. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of buying cordless garden equipment.

Cordless garden equipment by John Miller Garden Machinery

The noise – is Cordless garden machinery quiet ?

Although petrol powered garden machinery such as chainsaws are more powerful and ideal for heavy-duty use, they can be very noisy which can be annoying for you as well as nearby neighbours. Especially during extended use. Cordless alternatives, however, are much quieter and there’s no need to have to wear ear defenders.

Cordless hedge trimmers and leaf blowers are popular with businesses, hotels and schools as they don’t cause so much disruption with the less noise they produce.

The weight – is garden equipment with petrol engines light to carry?

Overall, no - garden equipment with petrol engines are not as ‘light as a feather’ to carry (although this depends on your strength). Petrol engine tools are heavier because of the engine and the fuel tank. This can make usage over a long period an issue with tools such as hedge trimmers and chainsaws as they are heavier to hold when using. They can make your arms ache is you’re not used to them. Cordless hedge trimmers, however, are much lighter so you can get small tasks done quicker, without having to take a break.

No need to buy fuel – cheaper and quicker using battery power

Although cordless devices need their batteries charged, it’s a lot less hassle than having to go to the garage to buy fuel - which also costs more. We have a range of products including battery leaf blowers and battery hedge trimmers which can be charged up very quickly and are ready to use without needing to head off to the petrol station.

Cordless lawn mowers

Lower service costs

Electric products such as our cordless brush cutters have less moving parts than their petrol engine equivalents. This can only be good news for you because it means there are fewer parts to service and service costs tend to be lower as a result.

Fewer emissions than petrol engines

Cordless tools also have a lower carbon footprint than their petrol equivalents and are therefore much better for the environment.

The downsides of electric and cordless garden machinery

When deciding whether to go for petrol powered garden machines or cordless and electric, there are some downsides to using cordless versions.

The first consideration is how long you will be using the product for. If you already have petrol at hand, then a petrol engine alternative can be quickly topped up while a cordless version requires recharging the battery and waiting before you can carry on. The batteries of cordless products are typically designed with the product to last long enough for the required task, but extra batteries can be purchased to prevent downtime.

Another consideration is how intensely you need to use the garden tool as petrol versions are designed for bigger tasks and larger gardens. Petrol engine versions for items like grass cutters and  mowers, trimmers and chainsaws are designed for more regular and intense use and these maybe a better solution if it’s needed constantly over a period of more than a couple of hours. For many people, this isn’t a requirement and even on days when a chainsaw or leaf blower is needed for longer periods, it’s possible to take a break from the task and do something else while the battery re-charges and the device is rested.

Which garden tools are cordless?

The number of cordless garden tools for sale online has grown over the last few years and there will be more in the future. At the moment, the following products are available as a cordless solution to make garden care for enjoyable and hassle-free gardening:

For more information on the various products and to find out more, ask our customer services department on 01249 652 573

Cordless garden Equipment from John Miller Garden Machinery

Ready for your next cordless garden tool?

There are some great benefits to using cordless products when looking after your garden. Here on the John Miller Garden Machinery website we have a full list of our current products including all our cordless garden tools. Visit our shop now and buy online or get in touch by calling our customer services department on 01249 652 573 if you have any questions.