The great thing about chainsaws is that they can be used anytime throughout the year and there are plenty of practical ways that they can be used depending on the season.

In summer, for example, trees and plants grow much quicker - and using a chainsaw is a great way to quickly and easily cut back large branches or to remove dying trees.  You may also want to perform general clearing away of branches and trees before the autumn arrives.

Similarly, in the winter when the weather is much more variable including high winds and possible snow, you may need to remove tree branches (and even trees!) that have fallen, making a mess of driveways and gardens. Using a chainsaw is a quick and easy way to clear up the debris by cutting up the branches into smaller and more manageable sizes. It's also a great tool for creating perfectly sized firewood if you have a log fireplace in your home!

Quicker, easier and better for YOU

Using a manual hand saw is a lot of hard work and can cause pulled muscles and possible back injury. Using an electric or petrol chainsaw, however, is not just easier and less of a strain on your body, it also means is that a single trunk, for example, can be cut up in a fraction of the time compared to manual cutting. In some circumstances such as larger trunks, it’s not possible to use a handsaw.

petrol and electric chainsaws at John Miller Garden Machinery shop

Petrol or electric chainsaws?

When choosing your chainsaw there are two options to consider. Electric chainsaws such as the Stihl MSA200 Chainsaws are battery-powered and are perfect for occasional usage. They are affordable and perfect for managing the cutting of trees and branches throughout the year. Battery-powered chain saws are also cordless making their operation much easier.

If, however, you require a chainsaw for frequent use or longer periods then a more powerful petrol chainsaw should be considered such as the Stihl MS231 chainsaws. Petrol chainsaws also allow you to cut much larger trees and tree trunks due to the additional power that they provide. Hardwood trees also require more power when cutting.

Petrol chainsaws are also portable allowing you to cut trees and branches anywhere in the garden without the limits of an electric corded chainsaw.

If you are unsure of what the best chainsaw is for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to provide information and tips to make sure you make the right choice.

Do you need a sawhorse?

Using a sawhorse makes cutting wood much easier. When cutting up wood, you might also want it shaped or sized differently depending on what you plan to do with the wood. You might, for example, want to cut the wood into smaller sizes of firewood to fit your fireplace or re-use the wood for making indoor or outdoor household items such as ornaments or a storage unit (depending on how creative you feel!). Using a sawhorse is safer when cutting wood and allows you to be more accurate in sizing your cut. It also helps to avoid any injury such as back pain as there is less need to bend down or strain yourself when holding wood to cut it.

For more information on sawhorses, get in touch with our garden machinery shop.

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What to look out for in a chainsaw

At John Miller Garden Machinery, we provide the highest quality Stihl chainsaws. Stihl is recognised as being possibly the best chainsaw brand in the world. When it comes to buying a chainsaw, here are some factors to consider:

  • Do you require petrol or electric?
  • What brand is best and reliable?
  • How large is the bar length?

Bar length is the length of the cutting bar on the chainsaw and this determines the size of the cutting area. The bigger the bar, the bigger the log or wood you can cut in a single pass and as a general rule, petrol models tend to have longer bars.

Protective clothing

When using a chainsaw, it’s important to wear appropriate safety clothing including the right helmet and sturdy protective boots. At John Miller Garden Machinery, we offer a range of Stihl branded protective clothing to suit you. Contact us to find out more about the various options available.

If you are ready to get started, why not check out our range of petrol and electric chainsaws to find the right model for your home? If you have any questions, get in touch!