Looking after a grass lawn can be a bit frustrating at times. Too much sun and not enough rain in the summer can create a lawn that looks dry and dead while the constant growth of moss and other weeds can very quickly take over the lawn; making it hard for grass to grow as it should. A well looked after lawn can look beautiful, green and luscious but it can be a challenge.

Thankfully, at John Miller Garden Machinery we have garden equipment that can help!

Introducing Lawn Scarifiers

If you’ve never heard of a lawn scarifier before, it’s a garden tool designed to cut through the soil, helping the grass to grow instead of unwanted growth such as moss. Also referred to sometimes as a ‘dethatcher’, the cutting action of the scarifier helps to aerate the soil.

petrol scarifiers from John Miller Garden Machinery

The benefits of a Lawn Scarifier

Lawn scarifiers will dramatically improve the appearance of your lawn over time by allowing the grass to spread and grow stronger. It does this by aerating the soil which improves the supply of nutrients to the soil.

Scarifiers are more effective when used in conjunction with moss killer and lawn feed (see our top tips below for advice on how to make your lawn look great).

At John Miller Garden Machinery, we have a range of electric and petrol scarifiers to suit your needs and the size of your garden. Visit our website to view the full range of scarifying equipment.

When should I use a scarifier? 

It’s recommended to use a lawn scarifier twice a year, in spring before the sunny weather arrives and in autumn. This helps the grass to become more resilient and grow better during the more extremer weather conditions in the year when it’s either hot and dry or freezing cold with ground frost and possibly snowing.

Below are some tips for how to use a scarifier. If you have any questions about lawn care and how to use a scarifier, get in touch.

Tips for using a scarifier

At least 1-2 weeks before using a scarifier, inspect your lawn and remove any unwanted growth such as moss. This can be done by raking out excessive amounts of dead moss and using a good quality moss killer.

Once this is done and the moss has been killed and removed, mow the lawn on a low setting - and on a dry day. Cutting and collecting grass also helps to remove anything that might reduce the impact of using the scarifier.

Now you are ready to use the scarifier. We recommend going over the lawn several times, starting on a high setting and reducing the settings each time you pass over the lawn.

Stihl scarifiers from John Miller Garden Machinery

There isn’t anything else you need to do but if your lawn was already in a poor state and looking worn then, adding topsoil and grass seed will help. The best time to do any re-seeding is after you have finished using the scarifier.

You may also consider lawn feed to help the grass grow stronger.

Follow these tips using a lawn scarifier from John Miller and your lawn will start to look great within just a few weeks. Remember to follow this process twice a year in order to get the best long-term results!

Find out more about our range of scarifiers today.