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Stihl FS-KM Brushcutter Attachment

Stihl FS-KM Brushcutter Attachment

Ref: 4180 200 0687
Brand: Stihl

This is the FS-KM straight shaft brushcutter with AutoCut C 26-2 mowing head. It's a brushcutter attachment with strimmer head and is suitable for strimming edges, along fences, walls etc.

The STIHL FS-KM lawn trimmer brushcutter KombiTool with an AutoCut C 26-2 mowing head is the perfect attachment for trimming along edges and around obstacles. Refilling the line couldn’t be easier with the AutoCut mowing head. Whether you are edging up the lawn, mowing and trimming around obstacles or even general grass maintenance, the FS-KM lawn trimmer’s straight shaft is strong and durable. The FS-KM lawn trimmer is also a versatile tool as you can use a range of different cutting attachments, including our SuperCut, PolyCut and DuroCut mowing heads. These different mowing heads allow you to complete mowing, trimming and thinning work on large areas with great ease.

Suitable for all KombiEngines

  • Recommended KombiEngine: KMA 130 R / KM 131 R
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Overall length: 94cm
from £180.00 incl VAT
Stihl FS-KM Mowing head with C26-2 autocut
4180 200 0687
Dry Weight
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